Your hair has roots which are present in the skin roughly 2.5 mm deep.These are called Follicles. As shown in the diagram, the male hormone i.e. DHT(De-Hydro-testosterone) attaches on the hair roots & causes some chain of reactions which makes the hair fall off (as shown in the diagram). For the male hormone to go and attach on the Hair Root, it requires a Receptor Site where it can go and attach.These receptors are absent on the hair roots of the back-side of the head.This area is called as the Donor Area or Permanent Zone or Bald Resistant Zone.

The male hormone therefore, cannot attach on the hair roots of the donor area (as they do not have the receptor site for attachment of the male hormone). Therefore the hair in these areas wont be affected by the male hormone and would stay permanently for the whole life. That is why this area is called as Permanent Zone. So we take the hair from this area and implant it into the bald area, so that later these implanted hair should not fall-off because of the effects of DHT. This forms the logic of Hair Transplant.
Hair implantation is desired is subjective factor. Which will depend upon your own wish. Density desired Density can be divided into.
Fuller density = which implants about 45 FU/sq.cm.
Camouflage density = which implants about 22 FU/sq.cm.
In Fuller density >>> you will get a full look of hair. In Camouflage density >>> the baldness will be covered,but you wont have fuller look.
In Hair Transplant, the healthy bald resistant hair from your donor area are removed and then implanted into the bald area. This implanted hair will stay for your whole life and will grow naturally.
Hair transplant is done in 2 basic ways i.e.
1) Strip technique or FUT: Surgical technique involves harvesting a strip of skin from your Backside of head. The hair are then separated and implanted on the bald area.
* This involves cutting your scalp skin, then stitching it. * This technique is therefore painful, gives a long linear scar.

2) FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction):FUE is a virtually non invasive technique of transplant wherein hair are removed from the back side of the head (Donor Area), one by one, without taking any incision and they are then transferred to the bald patches.
* Minimally invasive, no cuts, no scars, faster recovery * Not Painful
This technique is most minimally invasive without any cuts OR Stitches and minimal scars or Pain and minimal Bleeding and with no or minimal down-time or side-effects.
Our technique is most minimally invasive without any cuts, Stitches and minimal Scars, Pain and minimal Bleeding and with minimal down-time or side-effects. Active Roots technique is a technique which has no cuts both while extraction or implantation.
Results come in 3 phases:
1) Growth Phase: Where the hair grows about 1-2 cms for the first 4-6 weeks.
2) Temporary shedding phase: Where the grown implanted hair will start falling. This phase will last for about 3 months. You shouldnt get worried in this phase. The hair will again come back.
3) Permanent Growth Phase: Here all the fallen hair will again start growing. These hair are the normal hair with normal characteristics and will grow naturally.
Your pre-existing hair is always vulnerable to fall because of the effects of DHT. We recommend you to start taking medication to prevent the falling of your pre-existing hair.
You can decide for yourself for the area where you want the Hair Transplant done. You can also decide for yourself as to how many grafts you want in the bald area.
You can roughly see the results at 15 days. Whatever look you see on the 15th day, would almost be mimicked at the end result, which would roughly come after 6-8 months time.

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