Female Designer Hairline

Hairline Correction for women! it must be approached differently from the hair transplant form men.

Purpose of the design for Hairline correction for women

hairline desing in mumbai


  • 1. Correction of the forehead line – Resolves the deteriorated confidence and reduces the restrictions on hair styling
  • 2. Naturalness – Direction and angle, curl and thickness arrangement method for the hair is optimized
  • 3. Facial ratio – Completes the overall ratio of the facial features through hairline correction


  • 1. Facial contour effect that makes the face look smaller – Can make the face look smaller only through the correction of the hairline without surgery on bones
  • 2. Harmonized facial shape – Achieve the facial balance through correction of the forehead line
  • 3. Freedom in hair styling – A wide range of hair styling according to TPO is essential for women


  • 1. Femininity – Design femininity because angled and M-shaped forehead may impart masculine image
  • 2. Refined and elegant appearance – Make the facial impression more gentle by adding sense of 3-dimensionality to the forehead
  • 3. Youthful looking face – If the forehead is wide, you may appear older than you actual are. Youthful looking effect can be achieved through correction of hair on the fringes that make you look more charming

Difference between designing and not designing the lateral aspect of the face hairline desing in mumbai

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